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 Your Choice Lunch offers a simple way to pre-order and pay for delicious school lunches on-line. The Students or faculty staff will receive a hot and  healthy lunch every day you order. You can choose from a smorgasbord of entrées each day, including vegetarian choices, pizza, grilled items, salads, hot and cold subs, and even desserts.

Our ordering process is extremely flexible and easy. All orders can be picked up, placed online, emailed,
 faxed to (201-435-2855)
or called in (201-320-4978).

Order Online Here

Our Faculty and Staff Order Form can be downloaded Here

Orders can be paid by cash, check or credit card. 

Taking care of your children has never been easier.


    Welcome to Your Choice Lunch. Since 1976, we have been serving the Hudson County area with outstanding service, quality ingredients, and homemade food. We now offer kids as well as adults the chance to pick and choose what THEY want to eat for lunch. When your orders are placed with us, you will have hot, fresh and delicious lunch all the time. No Cans of " creamed corn ", no " off the shelf " pre-packaged lunch, and DEFINITELY no, " bologna and cheese " sandwiches.  We believe that a full stomach makes for a hungry mind.

    We invite you to experience the
best alternative to pre-packaged school lunches, brown bags, and big corporate companies.
We dont want to
revolutionize the way you eat. We just want to make sure that what you do eat, is what you SHOULD be eating.

    Orders placed by Thursday will ensure your child eats fresh, homestyle lunch every day of the week. You can rest assured that your child will eat if they choose what they are eating.

    Student's Choice is a Division of Stella's Pizzeria and Restaurant located in Downtown Jersey City. "Brick Oven Delicious" Since 1976.

Place your orders by Thursday the week before to
ensure your child gets his/her food.  Order Here.
Special request pick ups can be arranged by calling Nick Ioakimidis:
Nick Ioakimdis @ (201) 320-4978
We gladly accept Cash - Check - or Credit Cards

(a 3% convenience fee will be applied to all credit card orders)

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